We guarantee that your shirt fits!



Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. Therefore, we have developed the Perfect-Fit-Guarantee for you, to take care of any risk involving your self-measurement with your first order. The measurement process is much easier than most people think. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong, we can adjust your measurements and you will receive a new, perfectly tailored shirt.

How does the Perfect-Fit-Guarantee function?


If you notice a problem in the fitting of your ordered shirt because of some error in measurements, simply send us an email with your amendment request. 

If you leave us your telephone number, we will also be happy to advise you while re-taking the measurements. Then you can send your shirt back to us and get your perfectly fitting tailored shirt.

Just two simple conditions:


 You have ordered the tailored shirt with your individual body or shirt measures (not a standard size)


 This is your first order

In order to make use of the Perfect-Fit-Guarantee, please send us the shirt within 14 days with the new measurements.


The Perfect-Fit-Guarantee is very simple and is automatically applied on any first order. You do not need to provide any extra or additional information. And you can be sure that you will definitely receive a perfectly fitting shirt.