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- Information for Retailers and Dealers -


Are you looking for a modern and low-risk way to add another quality product to your product line?


Fine Cotton Company offers you as a retailer a complete system for selling of individual, tailored shirts. Whether you are a Men's Wear Retailer, Fashion Department Store or Wedding Fashion, through the wide range of our products and shirt designs you address a large number of existing and potential customers.


High quality made in EU, easy transaction and an excellent partner sevice are of great importance to Fine Cotton Company and you can benefit from it.


Service from Fine Cotton Company includes not only the production of the shirt, but also the display of fabrics, collars and cuffs, as well as training and instructions for our modern ordering system via an iPad app.


For more information and inquiries about the ordering system, please contact us at +49 241 5652 0067 or info[@]

We are happy to come to your shop and show you your business opportunities with us.



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