Design a Shirt

Creating your own custom-made shirt is easy. We will guide you step by step through the process. Enter our studio!

Step 1: Select Fabric

First, select the fabric for your shirt. We offer a variety of different colors, patterns and qualities to choose from.

Are you designing a shirt for the first time? Do you need some inspiration?

Then use our designs. Here you find a number of shirts designed to make your experience easier and enjoyable. These shirts can serve you as an inspiration. Of course you can still modify every detail of these shirts to your liking when loading the design into our studio.

Step 2: Design Tailored Shirt

In the next step you can personalize the details of the shirt. You are the designer! You can create different styles and shapes as per your own requirement and taste, for instance collar, cuff and placket. Let your imagination run wild and try the various options available in our studio.

If the selection options are too many for you to decide, you can easily switch to the basic mode where we only present the most commonly used options. Do you wish to have more choices? Just go back to expert mode!


Now you have the opportunity to place special accents on your shirt with contrast fabrics, buttons and colorful yarns. Select the material and determine at which placees it is to be used. For example, in our pre-selection of contrast fabrics, we only suggest the best-fitting materials before you start matching as per your choice. If you want more options, you can choose from the entire fabric portfolio. 

Step 3: Taking Measurements

In the last step before ordering, you have the option to order the shirt tailored to fit your body measurements. Our comprehensive guide shows you step by step how to take each measure. You have the written instructions and photo material. In addition, the measurements with the corresponding equivalents of your standard size are provided. They serve as a guide and comparison, if you feel the value measured by you is not completely right.
Now it is time to order! Just send it to us and we will take care of the production: soon you will receive your own self-designed shirt!